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NOTICE !!!! if you have just renewed your contractor license for this Year or it expired 12/31/2021 without renewal. "YOU MUST CONTACT OR OFFICE TO UP DATE YOUR NEW EXPIRATION DATE!!! "

The portal will not work for you and will not allow you to request a permit!!!

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Contractor Access

Welcome to e-Permits – an online service that allows registered contractors to upload documents and track permit results 24 hours a day! Access to request permits online for HVAC Change outs and most single trades permits are available.


Activate Account - Contractors who are already registered with the city may activate their account online.

Forgot Username - If you have already activated your account but have forgotten your username, simply click here to retrieve it.

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Inspections Request Line: 919-359-8717 (Leave message by 4 p.m. for next day inspections.)

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Public Information Search

You may search for a project if it has been issued a permit by entering any of the following information " Permit Type, Permit Number or the location address." If within our jurisdiction or a permit has been issued it will self populate the address to click on. If address doesn't populate no permit has been issued or it's not located within our jurisdiction.